How to cut a mango! 

Who’s excited for mango season? Brush up on your knowledge of how to prepare India’s national fruit and make sure absolutely no mango flesh goes to waste! Every last mouthful of smooth and juicy goodness must be gobbled up, otherwise you’re not doing it right!

What is the best way to cut a mango?

There are lots of easy ways to cut a mango and it’s important to find the method that’s best for you. Some people like to peel their mangos, some prefer to scoop the flesh out with a spoon. No method necessarily trumps the other, all we’re concerned about is ensuring you have the best mango experience possible. Mango season is short but oh so sweet! 

Read on to find out how to cut a mango. 

Scroll a bit further to find out how to quickly peel a mango! 


The easiest way to cut a mango:

1. First off, clean your mango.

Just like any other fruit or vegetable, you should always wash it before eating it — even if you’re not eating the skin! Your mango has travelled a long way to get to you and has passed through many hands. Give it a wash to avoid any chance of illness. You wouldn’t want an illness to prevent you from eating more mangoes, would you?

All you die-hard mango lovers out there (you know who you are) will suck the flesh of the mango from the skin or the stone… all the more reason to give the mango a wash before you tuck in!

2. Find your mango seam

You’ve got to understand the anatomy of a mango in order to know the best way to cut it! Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll have no problems preparing your mango.

A mango has one large flat seed in the centre of the fruit. You want to cut off the cheeks of the mango, either side of the seed. Leave about half a cm as a border to avoid meeting the seed with your knife. The best way to do this is to find the seam at the top of the mango. Place the mango on a chopping board and use a sharp knife to slice around the seed and reveal the gorgeous golden goodness of the mango flesh.

3. Slice and dice the mango

This is the fun bit. Place your mango cheek flesh side up on a chopping board. Take your sharp knife and gently slice the flesh vertically, WITHOUT breaking the skin. The flesh should be lovely and smooth when ripe, so your knife will glide through it easily. Be gentle!

If you’d like to enjoy diced mango, simply repeat the same process, gliding your knife in a horizontal direction.

4. Get scooping!

All that’s left to do is scoop out the flesh with a spoon! Or use your knife to slice away the flesh from the skin. Equally, if you’re anything like us and the scooping step is just one step too far and is coming in between you and your mango, suck the flesh of the mango from the skin. It may be a bit messy but boy is it worth it!

How to peel a mango:

Revert back to step one and step two. Wash the mango, then find the stem and slice the mango cheeks either side of the seed.

1. Find a glass with a narrow rim. A regular drinking glass should do!

2. Place the narrow end of the mango cheek at the rim of the glass and gently slide the mango cheek into the glass, separating the flesh from the skin as you go.

3. Now slice or dice the mango, however you prefer!