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Deepti Suru
Deepti Suru


Two critical features are missing:
1. I couldn’t choose the time slot for delivery. It just said ‘London Delivery’.
2. There is no option to add items to the existing order or modify the order before a certain time limit.

Deepti Suru.

Red Rickshaw
Red Rickshaw

Hi Deepti,

Thanks for your feedback. You must enter your postal code in the field below the ‘London Delivery’ button, or select ‘Outside London Delivery’ if based elsewhere. Once the system confirms that you are eligible for the delivery option you have chosen, it will prompt you to select a date and time. If either of these options aren’t appearing for you, please contact customer service on +44 20799 34988 and we can help you resolve this issue.
You can also contact customer service if you would like to modify or add items to any upcoming order.

Sharmilee Talekar
Sharmilee Talekar

Hi I have registered to your website and I added few items to my cart. But next time when I logged in my cart showed empty. Isn’t this one of the points of having a login so that you can add items to your cart later?

Stay D
Stay D

Neat website but every time there is an update account gets affected and login has to be rest, other than the dazzling cosmetic change would have been wonderful to be able to save cart contents .its such a waste of time to search and add again .

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