Make Money By Linking to iTadka

How does it work?

You place an order on iTadka

You refer your friend to iTadka

Your friend gets 25% off on his/her 1st order(orders above £50)

You get £10 discount on each successful referral (orders above £50)

Where can you refer your friend on our website?

1. Once you complete your order, on the order thank you page, click on refer a friend option to share iTadka with your friends through Email, Facebook & Twitter

2. We will also send an email once you place an order with a link which you can forward to your friend or share on Facebook & Twitter

Terms & Conditions

1. All discounts are sent in the form of coupon codes. If you refer more than one friend, you will receive an unique £10 off coupon on each successful referral, but you can only claim one coupon at a time

2.Referrer must be an existing customer of iTadka. If you refer your friend without placing an order with iTadka, it will not be considered as a valid referral

3.Cancelled orders will not be qualified for the reward

4. Referee should be new to iTadka and if you refer existing customers, you will not be rewarded

5. Both referrer and referee coupons will work only on orders above £50

Note: Necessary actions will be taken on Suspected Frauds & they cannot avail the benefit of this Program.


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