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We have slashed our delivery prices to Europe

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Delivery Prices

Country Name Upto 20kg > £35 Upto 40kg
Republic Ireland £5.69 £16.99
Belgium £5.69 £16.99
Netherlands £5.69 £16.99
France £5.69 £16.99
Germany £5.69 £16.99
Denmark £7.49 £19.49
Sweden £7.49 £19.49
Spain £9.29 £23.79
Italy £9.29 £23.79

Yes you can now receive your order for as little as £5.69 (€6.4) for a 20kg parcel! On top of this - you will receive your parcel within 2 days of placing your order (within 3 days for certain countries). We hope that you are now able to order more of the food you love at a lower cost!

Please pass on the word and share with friends. We also have a referral scheme and you and your friends can share £20 in vouchers for every successful referral. Please email us at for more details. 

For more information, please check our delivery policy page here

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