B-P Corn Flour 500g
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B-P Corn Flour 500g

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B-P Corn Flour 500g

Product Description: Brown & Polson original patent cornflour is pure      fine white corn starch milled from maize grains from which the outer hull , germ and gulten have been removed by a patented milling process.

Hint and Tips
- Why not add 2.5ml of cornflour to each egg white when making meringues to give a marshmallow centre.

- When grilling or frying meat and fish first coat with cornflour to seal in the flavor.

- Use cornflour when stir frying to create thick glossy sauce mix cornflour with a little liquid and add to the stir fry ingredients.

- To Thicken soups casseroles and stew use about 15g cornflour to each 300ml liquid blend cornflour with a little cold water stir into the dish and cook for a further 3mins.

- Have lighter cakes and puddings by using 4parts plain flour to 1 part cornflour.

- To bake melt in the mouth  pastry and biscuit use 2 parts plain flour to 1 part cornflour for a shorter texture

Storage: Once opened pour in an airtight container

How to Prepare
1) 1 combine all marinade ingredients together and add the meat, leave to marinade in the refrigerator for about 30mins.
2) Heat oil in a work until very hot.
3) Add chillies and orange peel , stir fry for 30sec, then remove and set aside.
4) Add marinade meat and stir fry over a high heat until meat is dark brown.
5) Add chilli onager peel and shallot to the mixture.
6) Finally toss in remaining ingredients, continue to cook until the meat is crispy.
7) Serve on a bed of noodles or rice.

Ingredients: 30ml 2tbsp oil, 1 green chilli, deseeded and finely sliced , rind of 1/2 an orange, finely sliced, 350g 12oz rump steak cut into thin  strip, 1 large shallot , sliced 5ml sesame oil, 15ml soy sauce, 5-10ml sugar, marinde 5ml freshly grated ginger, 1 clove garlic , crushed 15ml dark soy sauce, 5ml sesame oil 10ml bp cornflour.)

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