Ching's Manchurian Sauce 250g
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Ching's Manchurian Sauce 250g

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Chings Manchurian Sauce 250g

Veg Manchuria (Serve 4-5)

Ingredients: 100g Chings Manchurian sauce, 2tbsp of wheat flour, 2tbsp of corn flour, 200g of cabbage 4 carrots, Minced, 1/2 tbsp of white pepper, salt to taste, chopped coriander, Method: Knead salt pepper, flour & vegetables minced to gether, without mixing water, Make small balls & deep fry, until golden brown.

Heat work, frying pan on a high heat, Add 1/2 cups of water with manchuria sauce bring to boil add vegetables balls and simmer for 3-4mins, Mix 2tbsp of cornflour in 4 tbsp water & add to thicken the sauce garnish with fresh coriander and serve hot.

Gobhi Manchurian serve 4-5

Ingredients: 100g Chings Manchurian sauce, 1/2 of wheat flour, 1cup of corn flour,150g of cauliflower florets, coriander Method : Mix maids cornflour and slowly add water to make a batter thic, coat each cauliflower florets in the batter and deep fry on slow flame, until crispy, keep aside.

Heat work Frying pan on high flame add 100g chings manchurian sauce, 1/2 cup of water bring to boil and simmer, for 2 mins, mix 1tbsp of cornflour in 4tbsp of water and add to thicken the sauce, Add fried Gobi pakoras Mix well and simmer for 1min, Garnish coriander and serve hot.

Ingredients of sauce: Sugar Green chilli, cornflour, Garlic sunflower oil, Ginger, coriander leaves, caramel monosodium glumate Acetic Acid, Soy beans, Wheat spices

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