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  • Clay Ganesh Idol (21cm)
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Clay Ganesh Idol (21cm)

Clay Ganesh Idol (21cm)

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Life revolves around three things, namely good health, happiness and prosperity. These three components make individuals happy. The Ganesh idol is a powerful Hindu God known to control wealth and prosperity. This is the reason people worship Ganesh before commencing an action in life. Lord Ganesh is the son of Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva. 

Luckily, Red Rickshaw sells Ganesh idols which are readily available. Besides, the idols are portable and can be set at different points inside the house. 

The Benefits of Worshipping Ganesha Idol 

There are numerous benefits linked to worshipping a Ganesh idol for home regularly. These benefits have been experienced firsthand by some worshippers. Below are some benefits:

  1. Lord Ganesh helps ward off negativity in someone’s life and home when regularly worshipped. Placing a statue of the Ganesha idol at home brings good luck in an individual’s life.
  2. Prosperity in life is linked to Lord Ganesh. Therefore, individuals who pray for prosperity in life are favoured in different ways.
  3. Regularly praying to Ganesh murti ensures efforts are rewarded with fortune. This increases the chances of an individual becoming successful.
  4. The elephant head of Ganesha idol for home represents wisdom. As a result, regular worshippers are more likely to be impacted by wisdom.
  5. Lord Ganesh ears represent patience. Therefore, anyone seeking patience should request the virtue from Lord Ganesh.
  6. Authentic and genuine worshippers of Ganpati murti will gain cleansed souls. 
  7. Praying to a Ganesh idol can attract favour in life. This brings peace of mind both at home and in the workplace. 

The rules to follow when purchasing Ganesh Idol 

There are general rules for purchasing and using Ganesh idols that should be observed at all times. These rules include:

  1. People should only buy Ganesh idol for regular worshipping without interruptions or distractions.
  2. Choose Lord Ganesh statue that is easy to carry around. 
  3. Don’t direct Ganesh Murti face towards the main entrance and the back on the other part of the house.
  4. Lord Ganesh should never be placed under the staircase at any time.
  5. Ganesh idols are prohibited in bedrooms. 

The symbolism of Ganesh Idol’s Parts

The body parts of lord Ganesh have a meaning. Below is some significance of the different components:

  1. The large head of lord Ganesh symbolizes immense wisdom on prosperity, happiness and good health.
  2. Lotus on the Ganesha idol represents the state of self-realization.
  3. The rope symbolizes in-depth spiritual knowledge.
  4. One foot upon Lord Ganesh represents alignment with Atman at all times.
  5. The big belly of the Ganesh idol represents total acceptance and generosity.
  6. The raised hands of Lord Ganesh symbolize protection.

Reach out to Red Rickshaw today and order a clay Ganesh idol. Order will be processed immediately. Afterwards, an individual should follow the rules when setting Ganesh murti in a house. Regularly worship Ganesh idol while requesting good health, prosperity and happiness. Soon, miracles will start popping up in life. This might be now or in the future.

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