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Guwar 400g

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Guvar, also known by its many names like Guwar, Guar, Cluster Bean, Gavar, Gawar, Guara, Gawar Ki Phalli, and Gokarakaya, is a type of bean that has been cultivated throughout India for centuries. Because of its many uses, the Gavar vegetable is one of the most sought-after vegetables in the market. Nowadays, Guvar Dhokli is commonly used for commercial and cooking purposes because its thickening agent can produce Guar gum.

The Gawar vegetable is small to medium in size, about 3-10 centimetres in length, and are narrow in shape, much like peas. The pods are green and have a soft and slimy texture. Once they are mature, they change into yellow-green, and the seeds will be visible in clusters. Each pod will contain about 5-12 seeds and a slightly bitter taste similar to a broad bean. 

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