Dairy Valley Paneer 1 Kg
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Dairy Valley Paneer 1 Kg

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<h1>Dairy Valley Paneer 1 Kg</h1>

There’s no denying it, cheese is a big deal across cuisines: South Asian food is no exception. For centuries, traditionally vegetarian communities throughout the Indian subcontinent have carefully documented ways to preserve and use buffalo and cow’s milk, resulting in the rise of Paneer.

Also known as peynir (Turkish), panir (Persian and Armenian), and pendir (Azerbaijani), Paneer’s origins have been traced back to the Vedas as early as 6000BC. Adored by many, Nepal, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Sri Lanka have each claimed ownership of Paneer: a semi-soft unaged non-melting cheese made by adding citric acid to curdling milk.

Whatever its exact origins, Paneer remains versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. Dairy Valley’s Paneer offering is the ultimate vegetarian option.

● Mild, milky and slightly acidic taste blends easily with stronger overtones
● Popular ingredient in curries, perfectly balancing spicy flavours
● Crumbly yet non-melt texture, great for soups
● Often used in kebabs and sandwiches
● High protein content
● Vegetarian Friendly
● No Added Salt
● Gluten Free
● No Added Additives and Preservatives
● Rennet Free

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