Diced Mutton 1 Kg
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Diced Mutton 1 Kg

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Once a sheep passes the two year mark, it’s classed as mutton. Favoured over lamb for its strong flavour, mutton is the natural choice for a range of South Asian recipes as it marries naturally with bolder curry ingredients. 

With a tougher texture than lamb, the ideal way to tenderise mutton and to emphasise its strong flavour is to marinate the meat and then stew or slow cook it. Dum Pukht, a method of cooking on a low heat in a covered (sometimes with dough) heavy bottomed pot, literally means cooking slowly to allow the meat to ‘breathe in’ its own aromas, and to bond with the spices and flavours in the pot.

Mutton is often cooked dum style, first marinated and then cooked with spices, vegetables and rice, over several hours. When using mutton for kebabs, its best to marinate for longer to ensure tender bites of meat.

  • Diced mutton, 1kg
  • Recipes starring mutton include mutton dum biryani, rogan josh, galouti kebabs, mutton curry and mutton korma

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