Domestos Bleach Blue 750ml
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Domestos Bleach Blue 750ml

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Domestos Bleach Blue 750ml

Domestos Extended Germ Kill Thick Bleach kills all known germs, as the extended Germ Kill formula gives you long lasting protection in the toilet.

Nothing protects for as long when it comes to toilet bleach.

Preparation and Usage: Push down on cap and turn anti-clockwise to open, Replace cap clockwise until tight after use.

Ingredients: 5%: Chlorine Based Bleaching Agent (Sodium Hypochlorite); Non-Ionic Surfactants; Cationic Surfactants; Soap; Perfume,Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite 4.5g per 100g

Storage: Keep in a cool place and dry place with cap tight.

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