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  • Elephant Atta Medium Chapati Flour 10 Kg
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Elephant Atta Medium Chapati Flour 10 Kg

Elephant Atta Medium Chapati Flour 10 Kg

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The renowned Elephant Atta medium chapatti flour 10kg is a mixture of wholemeal and white chapatti flour. This guarantees users a delicious and unique taste. Additionally, this flour is an excellent source of fibre and other nutrients. The Elephant Atta flour also contains low sugar, low salt and low-fat content.

This Elephant Atta Chapatti can also go for six months when stored inside an airtight container after opening. This flour has been around for 50 years. Therefore, the flour can be trusted and relied upon. 

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Nutrition Information 

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The chapatti flour ingredients used are wheat flour, iron, Niacin, iron, calcium, and Thiamine. These ingredients are behind the high nutrient composition of this flour.

The Best Recipe Suggestion

There are different recipes to cook after ordering Atta Flour UK from the Red Rickshaw online store. Below are some suggestions to consider:



  • Elephant Atta flour
  • A jug of warm water
  • Yoghurt (optional)

The Preparation procedure 

  1. Pour some flour into a bowl and add some water. Knead the mixture well before adding some yoghurt. 
  2. Knead for ten minutes to attain elastic, smooth and firm dough. 
  3. Form several compact balls from the dough. 
  4. Leave the compact balls alone for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, make a circular shape and apply some flour on both sides.
  5. Use a rolling pin on both sides of the flour.
  6. Place a pan on medium heat and place the rolled chapatti on top. Change the sides after thirty seconds.
  7. Brush the chapatti with olive oil or butter after removing it from the pan. 

Puris, Parathas and naans are other Elephant Atta chapatti recipes to consider. 

Get the Elephant Atta Medium Chapatti flour 10kg and enjoy a variety of recipes. This flour can go for six months if stored under an airtight container.