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Foodology Cookbook Set

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Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed's cookbook FOODOLOGY is a collection of educational recipes that delightfully fuse science, cooking and medicine to form a magnificently enlightening book that will give you the confidence to cook foods that will please your body.

Accompanied by specialist ingredients such as Belazu rose harissa, gochujang paste and baharat seasoning, FOODOLOGY will show you how to make food that tastes better than ever but is right for your gut health too.

This set includes:

Fish Sauce 200ml

Belazu Rose Harissa

500g Tahini

Soybean paste 500g

Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste

Baharat Seasoning 5g

Miso sachets

Foodology Book

All gifts comes in our exclusive Red Rickshaw drawstring bags.

Note: If a product in this bundle is not available at the time of purchase we will substitute it with another product.