Fresh Fennel Leaves 150g
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Fresh Fennel Leaves 150g

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Fennel seeds (or saunf) are all the rage in Indian cuisine, but why is the rest of the plant so often neglected? A staple of cooking all over the world, from India and Persia, and prized by the Greeks and Romans, who used it both as a medicine and a food, fennel is an endlessly versatile and always captivating addition to your dinner table, with a light aniseed-sweet and aromatic flavour. This product is not the bulb of an Italian fennel plant, by the way— this is the frond-like fennel leaves, which makes for an excellent herb you can use in the same way as coriander or methi leaves. Perhaps now is the time to kick-start an Indian fennel craze— why not get ahead of the curve?

  • Cooling, aromatic flavour well-suited to Indian cuisine
  • A much more fresh version of fennel seeds
  • Use to garnish eggs, fish, and white meat, or as a leafy green salad or stir fry

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