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  • Fudco Sago Seeds 1kg - Zingox Foods UK
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Fudco Sago Seeds 1kg - Zingox Foods UK

Fudco Sago Seeds 1kg

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The Tapioca Sago Seed / Tapioca Pearl is a starch or starch food extracted from the pulp inside the stem or trunk of some palm trees. Mainly drawn from the species Metroxylon Sagu. This is the basic food for lowland peoples of New Guinea and the Moluccas, where they call saksak, rage and Sagu.

Fudco Medium Sago Seeds. Sago Seeds is also called as Sabudana in India. They are white like pearl seeds which are boiled before eating, it has a great flavor and aroma. Popular dish is made from Sabudana wada.