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Genmaicha - Sencha Green Tea mixed with Brown Rice 80g by Choi Time

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Genmaicha - Sencha Green Tea mixed with Brown Rice

Originally from Japan this tea was known as the poor man’s tea. Mixed with the brown rice it became a meal. Both the Chinese and Japanese believe that this tea is packed full of health benefits, high in antioxidants, may help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and help boost the immune system and drains toxins from the body.

Directions for the perfect brew: Brew 2 teaspoons for (300mls) in just boiled water (85-90C). Let the leaves and rice settle to the bottom before drinking. Leave the tea leaves in and refill your mug/tea pot at least 3-5 times.

Ingredients: Our Genmaicha tea is made from first growth sencha green tea leaves and mixed with brown puffed rice. The sencha leaves are grown in the Zhejiang Province, China.