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Gits Dahi Vada Mix 200g

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The Gits Vada is a popular snack in South Asia. This snack comprises fried flour balls commonly referred to as Vadas. The Vadas are soaked inside thick yoghurt. Afterwards, the snack is topped up with tamarind sauce and other Indian spices.

Over the years, Gits Dahi Vada Mix has become a popular dish. This is because no preservatives, artificial colour, or flavour has been used. Additionally, Gits Vada is entirely vegetarian. 

There are also different nutrients found in this snack. Hence, the frequent consumption of this meal will benefit the body in different ways. This Gits Vada pack is ready to cook and takes a short time to prepare.

Gits Dahi Vada Health Benefits

The inside pack of Dahi vada mix contains a flour mixture that contains different ingredients. That is why this snack can be mixed with water.

Gits Vada also has nutrients that benefit the body in different ways. Here are some of these health benefits:

  • This snack contains sufficient levels of fibre, which aids in the process of moving the bowel. Fibre softens the stool of an individual. This nutrient also helps in weight control because an individual will feel full for a long time. 
  • There are good levels of probiotics in Gits Dahi Vada Mix that are essential for proper gut health.
  •  Gits Vada snack has protein that boosts the health of bones. Protein also boosts the metabolism of an individual. This increases the rate at which the body burns fat.
  • High levels of carbohydrates in the Dahi vada mix boost the body's energy levels and essential organs.


Different ingredients are used in the production of Gits Vada snack. These ingredients are butylated hydroxyanisole, bicarbonate citric acid, cumin seeds, wheat flour partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and lentils flour.

How to Cook

The instructions for cooking Dahi vada mix are simple and straightforward. 

  • Mix the entire content in the 200g pack with water, roughly 250ml. Continuously stir the mixture to attain a smooth batter. Also, the batter should not have lumps and should be thick.
  • Set aside the batter for roughly 15 minutes once ready. 
  • Heat 500ml cooking oil at medium flame and give it a few minutes to be hot. Make balls from the thick vada batter and flatten them before deep frying. Ensure the batter balls turn golden-brown.
  • Afterwards, soak the fried vada in room temperature water and leave them alone for fifteen minutes. The texture of the vada will swell and soften. Carefully press the water out from Vadas to avoid breaking it.
  • Take yoghurt and continuously whisk to attain a smooth texture. Both sugar and salt can be added to the yoghurt. 
  • Place the ready Gits Dahi Vada Mix in a wide dish and pour the yoghurt on top of the Vadas. Let the Vadas inside the yoghurt for thirty minutes to absorb the yoghurt's flavour. 
  • Sprinkle chopped coriander, red chilli powder and roasted cumin powder on top of the Vadas before enjoying the snack with various Indian meals. This can be Gobi masala, chole and pooris, among others. 

There is no doubt Gits Vada is easy to prepare snacks and a delicious taste.

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