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Capsicum/Green Pepper (Single)

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Green Pepper is a type of bell pepper. It is simply a green-coloured bell pepper or sweet peppers, also comes in the name capsicum. It is a medium-sized fruit pod that has a wonderful bell shape, thick and brittle skin with a glossy outer cover and a fleshy texture. Because of its moderately pungent flavour, it is categorized as a vegetable rather than a spice. However, green peppers not only make foods savour but also come with a large number of benefits.

Antioxidants. Green pepper is a very powerful antioxidant. It contains plenty amount of vitamin A, B complex (especially vitamin B6 and vitamin B9), and vitamin C—all of which can counterbalance the destructive effects of free radicals in our body and maintain our overall health. Aside from that, the antioxidants are also effective against oxidative damages caused by free radicals. It facilitates the formation of collagen in the skin which keeps it firm and healthy. More so, it creates a barrier against more damage.

Anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory properties of green peppers are extremely favourable in relieving the pain and swelling associated with severe bone disorders such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, among others. 

Phytonutrients. Asthma patients can be highly benefited by green peppers as they are full of phytonutrients. These are a special group of plant compounds, simply natural chemicals, having the capacity of relaxing respiratory passage and lowering panting. These phytonutrients are also known to promote the better overall health of human beings.

Cardiovascular. Green chilli pepper can curb down the cardiovascular risks dramatically. The reason behind it is the presence of loads of vitamin C. It has been found that the amount of this antioxidant vitamin is much higher in green peppers than in oranges, which is essential for preventing blood clots as well as related ailments like cardiac arrest and stroke, among others.

Homocysteine. The vitamins B6 and B9 present in green peppers also take an active part in reducing the level of homocysteine in the body. As a noxious by-product of various internal biochemical procedures, it takes a toll on one’s health.

Fibrous. In terms of taking care of one’s colon, nothing is proven to be better than dietary fibres and green peppers that are rich in these. If the increase in one’s intake of green peppers is made along with a healthy diet, then one can easily safeguard the colon from the damaging effects of microbes and even certain toxic elements. Aside from that, green peppers also lessen the risks of colon cancer. The antioxidants vitamins A, B9, and C are deemed to be the main responsible factors for this.

Hair loss. Hair loss can be easily solved with the help of green peppers. They can save the hair follicles from the harmful effects of di-hydro testosterone or DHT. And as a result, the hair then becomes strong and frequent hair fall has gotten rid of. Aside from this, green peppers are an excellent source of natural silicon which made them very beneficial for one’s hair.