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Jalpur Juwar Flour 2 Kg

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Jalpur Juwar Flour 2 Kg

Ingredients: 2 level cups of jalpur Juwar Flour salt to taste

1. Mix together jalpur Juwar flour & salt and add enough water to form a stiff dough
2. Divide the dough into lime -Sized balls and shape each ball into a thick and round rotla ( Chuppati) on your hand
3. Place on a well Greased gridle or tava and continue flattening by pressing all round with the palm of hand taking care not to break it
4. Cook on both sides on slow fire, serve hot smeared liberally with ghee or butter

Allergy Advice: Product in a mill that handles wheat gulten nuts, peanuts, mustard , sesame seeds, soya

Sorgam seeds, Jalpur Juwar flour is freshly milled from 100% sorgam to prepare puris and chuppaties

To retain freshness after opening please store in an airtight container

Applies in the U.K Only,

Made in England