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Mukti Instant Sweetened Masala Tea Mix (10 Sachets)

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Tea lovers should try the Mukti Instant Sweetened Masala tea mix for a unique taste. This particular tea contains a blend of organic herbs, natural flavours, fruits, and flowers. All ingredients used in the production of this tea mix are organic and natural. This is why the product has plenty of health benefits.

Mukti tea Masala is also easy to use. Pour the sachet in a cup of hot water and stir before drinking. The sachets of this tea are durable. Therefore, individuals can enjoy tea at different intervals.

Nutritional Information

Energy 0g
Protein 2.30g
Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrates 16.60g
Dietary Fibre 0.90g

Mukti Instant Sweetened Masala Tea Mix Health Benefits

There are ten sachets inside this tea masala box. Inside each sachet, there is a mixture of different ingredients. The composition inside the sachet will dissolve in hot water. Thus, Mukti tea mix allows people to easily drink tea while on the move. The mixture should be stirred when added to hot water. 

This tea mixture also has health benefits because most components are natural and organic. These health benefits include:

  • High amounts of dietary fibre in this masala tea improve bowel movement by softening the stool. In the long run, dietary fibre improves the digestion process.
  • This tea contains carbohydrates that boost the body?s energy levels. The vital body organs will also smoothly perform their duties because of the energy levels produced by carbohydrates in this tea.
  • Mukti tea mixture also contains sufficient amounts of protein. Protein boosts the metabolism in the body hence increasing the fat burning process. This nutrient also promotes the bones? health and also increases the muscle mass of a person. 
  • Some spices in Mukti instant sweetened masala tea mix help relieve pains and acne.
  • This tea mixture can also help alleviate nausea symptoms when continuously taken. 
  • The natural herbs in this tea masala have been proven to improve immunity. This will be attained by regularly consuming this tea. 


Tea extract 5%, sugar natural ground spices, and skimmed milk powder are the ingredients used in the production of Mukti tea mixture. That?s why water is only required when making a cup of tea. The ingredients are natural, hence presenting users with plenty of benefits.

How to Prepare Mukti Instant Sweetened Masala Tea Mix

There are only two steps involved when masala tea is being prepared. Take one sachet from the pack and tear it open. Pour the content in a cup. Take water and heat to boiling point. Fill the cup with the hot water and continuously stir. 

Leave the cup for three minutes before drinking. This helps evenly distribute the aroma throughout the cup. The tea extract, sugar, and skimmed milk powder are meant for a standard cup per sachet. 

There is no doubt that Mukti instant sweetened masala tea mix is a top brand. The procedure on how to make a cup of aromatic tea is straightforward and well explained. This tea mixture also offers plenty of health benefits apart from enjoying a cup of it. Include this tea mixture in the next shopping list.