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Oyster Mushroom - 150g

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Oyster Mushroom:

  • Oyster Mushrooms are a type of edible mushroom that have a delicate and slightly sweet flavor.
  • These mushrooms have a velvety texture and a distinct, fan-like shape that makes them an attractive addition to any dish.
  • Oyster mushrooms are low in calories, high in protein and fiber, and contain important vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.
  • They can be cooked in a variety of ways, including saut?ing, stir-frying, grilling, or roasting, and can be used in a wide range of dishes, such as soups, stews, pasta dishes, and salads.
  • Oyster mushrooms are grown using organic and sustainable farming practices and are free from harmful chemicals or preservatives.
  • Our Oyster Mushrooms are fresh and hand-picked, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and flavor.
  • We offer a variety of sizes and packaging options, including bulk orders for restaurants and catering services.
  • Our Oyster Mushrooms are shipped directly to your doorstep, ensuring that they arrive fresh and ready to use in your favorite recipes.
  • We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the freshest and most delicious Oyster Mushrooms and are committed to your satisfaction.