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Natco Coriander Leaves 190g

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Natco Coriander Leaves 190g

Product Description: Natco Coriander is wonderfully fragrant and a popular herb in many Indian recipes. Use to flavour and garnish curries, lentil soups, natural yoghurt, fish, vegetable dishes and salads.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place

The coriander plant produces the coriander seed (the spice) and the cilantro leaves (the herb), both of which are used extensively in Indian cuisine. The refreshing taste and fragrance of coriander spices up any dish and brings out the exotic flavours of each ingredient of the dish.

Coriander is easy to cultivate and it naturally grows over a wide area, which makes it hard to define its true native countries, and where it has just recently settled.

In Indian cuisine, the coriander seeds are used commonly in spice-laden dishes, while the cilantro leaves are used in garnishing, making koftas and kababs, and making the famoussideline, harichutney.

Storage of Coriander

The coriander seeds can be stored easily in a glass jar which is airtight. Make sure to keep the jar away from sunlight or any moisture. The ground coriander seed have a fewer lifespan than the whole coriander seeds.

For the cilantro leaves, store it by wrapping it in paper, in the fridge. Keep in mind that they would start to go bad after a few days, so buy only the amount that you need.

Health Benefits of Coriander

The health benefits of coriander seeds and cilantro are numerous.They help in reducing skin inflammation and skin disorders, and clears up the skin from any blemishes to reveal glowing, healthy skin. In India, coriander is the traditional remedy for reducing inflammation.

Coriander includes Vitamin C, linoleic acid, palmatic acid, oleic acid and stearic acid, all of which help lower the deposit of bad cholesterol on the inner walls of your arteries and veins, effectively reducing the risk of heart diseases like strokes, heart attacks and artherosclerosis. The consumption of coriander also relaxes the tension in blood vessels, reducing the blood pressure and alleviating the problem of hypertension.

Many studies have shown that coriander inhibits allergic reactions, and can ease the pain and discomfort of common allergies.

The seeds provide an excellent source of essential mineralslike manganese, potassium, iron and calcium, which reduced stress and strain on the eyes.Unlike other spices, calcium is present in coriander in a high percentage, which helps to retain bone density and reduces the risk of debilitating diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Coriander has a stimulating effect in the endocrine glands. When ingested, they trigger the secretion of insulin, which helps maintain healthy levels of blood sugar. This is why coriander is treated as an anti-diabeticin Europe. The stimulation of the endocrine glands also helps to regulate menstrual cycles and reduces menstrual cramps.

Coriander has high levels of the compound dodecenal, which is twice as powerful as the treatment of salmonella. If coriander is ingested on a regular basis, salmonella, one of the most dangerous food poisoning, can be avoided.

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