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Okra Vegetable 500g

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Okra is a flowering plant suitable for tropical regions like South Asia. The vegetable also belongs to the mallow family. There are various ways the Okra vegetable can be prepared. The popular ones are roasting, frying, grilling, mixing with spices, and eating the vegetable raw. 

The vegetable is also rich in a variety of nutrients like Vitamin K, Fibre, and minerals. This vegetable can be stored in a refrigerator, hence staying fresh for long.  

Okra Health Benefits

The outside of the Okra is fuzzy and soft. Inside the vegetable, there are small edible seeds with a unique grassy flavour taste. Okra's average size is four inches long and has a lantern shape. 

There are plenty of health benefits of Okra over long term consumption. These benefits include:

  • Antioxidants- Okra has different antioxidants like isoquercitrin and flavonoids. The antioxidants help fight the free radicals that are harmful to the body. These antioxidants also improve the heart's health by reducing the chances of blood clots. 
  • Anticancer properties- Frequent consumption of okra nutrition boosts the body with lectin that inhibits cancer cells' growth in humans. 
  • Okra prevents fetal problems in pregnant women. This vegetable contains the right amount of folate required by an expectant mother.
  • One of okra health benefits is to lower blood sugar levels for individuals with diabetes. 
  • The Okra vegetable contains high amounts of Vitamin K that assists the body in blood clotting and bones' formation. 
  • Weight loss can be attained because of the low okra calories if regularly consumed.

How to Cook Okra

Frying is a popular way of preparing Okra. This cooking method allows regulation of the frying temperature. Wash the Okra vegetable before slicing into small pieces. Afterwards, choose the coating to use when frying Okra. This can be spices or cornmeal.

Mix an egg with a tablespoon of milk, and dip the okra pieces. Also, dip the okra pieces on the chosen coating—Fry the Okra for three minutes over 300F heat. 


Okra can be included in different meals. All Okra recipes will be delicious if well prepared. Below are some recipe suggestions to consider:

  • Grilled Okra is a common recipe that brings out the grassy flavour. This is the simplest recipe if there is a grill. A stovetop and a grill pan can also be used to prepare grilled Okra.
  • The curried Okra with onions is another delicious recipe. Stir curried Okra with tomato and onion. Season the mixture with cayenne, turmeric, and curry powder. Curried Okra is best served with rice.
  • For various Okra benefits in the body, garlic sautéed Okra is an excellent choice. Sliced garlic, vegetable okra, and oil are the ingredients required. The garlic sautéed Okra brings out the naturally sweet taste of Okra.
  • Okra with tomatoes is another recipe that okra vegetable can prepare. Tomatoes and varieties of spices are used in this recipe. Okra with tomatoes is best served with grilled sausage. 

There is no doubt okra is a nutritious vegetable with numerous health benefits. Choose Red Rickshaw for fresh Okra. 

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