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Ottolenghi Flavour Cookbook Set

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Ottolenghi's FLAVOUR is a collection of flavour-forward dishes that emphasise pairing a select few specialist ingredients with simple, fresh, vegetarian dishes.

Prizing three principles throughout the vegetarian cookbook: process, pairing & produce, Ottolenghi's Flavour proves that the possibilities are endless when it comes to building breathtaking flavour. Ottolenghi's FLAVOUR Cookbook Set stays true to those core principles, pairing hard-to-find, modern and specialist ingredients with the cookbook so that you can discover a whole new world of flavour.

This set includes:

Nigella Seeds

500g Tahini

Beldi Preserved Lemons 220g

Dried Black Lime

Ground Allspice

Belazu Rose Harissa

Belazu Zhoug 170g

Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste

Belazu Pomegranate Molasses 500ml

Ottolenghi Flavour Cookbook

All gifts comes in our exclusive Red Rickshaw drawstring bags.

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