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Palanquin Red Bush Spiced Tea (40 Bags)

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Palanquin Red Bush Spiced Tea (40 Bags)

Product Description:
Red bush spiced is a combination of selected spices and red bush.It is naturally caffeine free,which it a great alternative for health conscious people.

Red Bush: A Native South african shrub,containing powerful antioxdants that boosts the immense system and delays the aging process.

Cinnamon: A pungent and warming spice,with an irresistible scent.It helps with aching joints, and complements other herbs, enhancing their properties.

Ginger: A warming spice that boosts circulation, relaxes blood vessels and has a detoxifying effect.It excites the brain and in old age awakens young love.

Clove: A stimulating spice with it's antiseptic qualities,helps during cold and flu seasons,invigorating and restoring the body heat.

Black Pepper: With its piquant aroma it is used to ease away aches and pains imparting an underlying warmth to the body.

Cardamom: Stimulates the mind and gives clarity, It is used for treating bloating,fluid retention and helps the digestion process.