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Pani Puri Kit

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A complete kit to create the magic of Pani Puri in your home.

Kit of Puffed Puri’s with sweet and spicy chutney. 

The Kit includes:  

  • Puri 
  • Boondi 
  • Pani Puri Paste 
  • Sweet & Sour Paste

Preparation instructions 

Make the Pani Puri Water: Dilute the paste with 200ml water and mix well

Make the Sweet & Sour Chutney: Dilute the paste in 150ml water and mix well 

To serve: Empty Puri onto a plate, make a small hole at the top of each puri, half fill with Boondi, add the sweet and sour Chutney and spoon in the Pani Puri Water Consume immediately. 

Suitable for Vegetarians