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Peacock Apple Cider 500ml

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In Asia, the Peacock is significant for so many reasons! It can be found roaming rain forests in China whilst symbolising kind-heartedness in Japan. The proud peacock also signifies wisdom in Thailand, not to mention ruling as the national bird of India…
Peacock Cider is made with a vibrant blend of magnificent, freshly pressed apples. Expertly crafted by Aspall, it elegantly complements rich, exotic Asian flavours, providing a burst of refreshment to balance the aromatic spices.

Peacock Apple Cider has a gentle sweetness to balance the natural tartness of culinary apples with a dry finish provided by the bittersweet apples.

Country of Origin: Inspired by Asia, crafted in the UK.

ABV: 4.8%

This product is not available to be shipped internationally.