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  • PG Tips Tea (40 bags)
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PG Tips Tea (40 bags)

PG Tips Tea (1100 bags)

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Product Description: We created the ingeniously designed pyramid bag because the unique shape gives the tea more room to move, freeing the delicious taste of the tea leaves,and giving you the perfect cuppa every time.So now you know.

100% natural

PG Tips tea is the natural drink that's made completely  from the finest tea leaves and nothing else, we can pick that top two leaves, and a bud known as the tip -Hence the name -Which is why we re so delicious.

To prepare the best cup of PG tea,

1. Use one bag per 200ml of boiling water

2. Allow your customer to their preferred,strength then remove the tea bag,

3. Always use fresh milk where possible , And there you have it , a delicious brew fit for a monkey.

Nutritional Information

Energy 1kcal
Protein 0.1g
Fat 0
Carbohydrates 0
Dietary fiber 0


PG tips pyramid bags may settle during packing and transit, Whilst this does not affect the bag or the tea in any way you may find it helpful to give the bag a gentle shake to restore its proper shape,

Pg tips Unilever food solutions , unilever and the U Device are registered trademark, The tetrahedral shaped tea bag is a trademark used under license european patent no 706474

We are possionate about helping you serve a great cup of tea to your customers so for product information or advice

Call on 08007833728