Purl Pops Assorted Flavours (Pack of 3 x 20g)
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Purl Pops Assorted Flavours (Pack of 3 x 20g)

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Purl Pops Assorted Flavours (Pack of 3 x 20g)

1. Classic Ghee & Pink Himalayan Salt 20g
2. Salted Caramel 20g
3. Spiced Turmeric & Ginger 20g

Move over corn, there is a new POP in TOWN! Purl Pops is a new, healthy & fun snack made from lotus seeds (also known as foxnuts or makhana) and all-natural ingredients.

Changes in lifestyle have increased the demand for on the go food & snacking but customers are looking for snacks that give them allowable indulgence without compromising on the health benefits.

Purl Pops aims to fill the gap in the market for a healthy (low calories, source of protein, gluten free) yet fun (round and crunchy and tasty, classic & provenance specific flavours) snack. It combines the goodness of a nut with the crunch of popcorn.

Low Calorie, Low Saturated Fat, Source of Protein, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian.

Ingredients: Classic Ghee & Pink Himalayan Salt - foxnuts, pure butter ghee, whey protein, pink Himalayan salt

Salted Caramel - foxnuts, unrefined sugar, fine salt, natural flavours, whey protein

Spiced Turmeric & Ginger - foxnuts, coconut nectar, whey protein, sea salt, black pepper, ground ginger, turmeric.

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