Bombay Onion 1 Kg (Loose)
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Bombay Onion 1 Kg (Loose)


Bombay Onion 1 Kg (Loose)

Bombay Onions are a particularly strong onion of a deep purple/red colour. When uncooked, they are very pungent in taste and smell however, once cooked, they are notable for the earthy, aromatic and distinctive flavour they give to dishes. They are ideal for curries and spicy sauces where powerful flavours are necessary. 

Like many red and purple vegetables, Bombay Onions have high levels of antioxidants and phenols and are therefore beneficial for preventing illness. Their richness in other vitamins, minerals and nutrients, such as fibre and phytochemicals also mean that eating Bombay Onions can help maintain heart health, control blood sugar levels, aid digestion, accelerate blood circulation, prevent osteoporosis, and boost the immune system.

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