Red Rickshaw Toor Dal (Oily)
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Red Rickshaw Toor Dal (Oily)


Toor dal are one of the most popular dal in India, an important vegetarian source of protein with a pleasant, nutty flavour. Slightly sturdier than red lentils or moong dal, we recommend soaking them for an hour before cooking to ensure a soft, yielding texture when cooked. Good things certainly come to those who wait— Toor dal is one of the most essentially flavourful varieties, beloved of true dal fanatics everywhere. (These oily dal are packed with oil to prolong their shelf life— drain them after a brief boiling to wash out the oily coating.)

  • Step up your dal game with this superior variety
  • High in protein and fibre
  • Delicious in curries, soups and vegetable dishes
  • Be sure to soak for an hour before cooking

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