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Red Rickshaw White Vinegar 5 litres

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Made by master vinegar makers in Italy, Red Rickshaw White Vinegar is the kindest, safest way to take care of your home and garden. You can use our distilled white vinegar for cleaning up stains and limescale, in gardening to spray over those pesky weeds, as a spirit vinegar that provides a light tang in all your cooking, as a pickling vinegar to keep foods fresh and tasty, or as a fabric softener and odour-free cleaning vinegar for your washing machine. Red Rickshaw White Vinegar is a carefully distilled spirit vinegar, so it’s been purified and doesn’t have any overpowering flavours, odours or other substances inside; that’s what makes it such a perfect vinegar for every household need. It’s the traditional way to prepare all kinds of pickle, from Eastern European and Russian-style pickled beetroot to authentic Indian-style lime pickle or chutney. We've specially developed this product with the ambition of creating the best all-purpose white vinegar on the market. Throw out those chemicals and get this 100% effective, natural & eco-friendly home and garden product instead.

  • COOK, MARINATE, PICKLE - Add zing to your sauces, whip up a vinaigrette, pickle that produce, be a chutney champion… anything’s possible with the balanced, clean tang of white vinegar. You can even flavour your vinegar with infusions of herbs and spices.
    YOUR WASHING MACHINE’S BEST FRIEND - Put a drop of white vinegar in your fabric softener draw. Not only will it become a 100% odourless, totally effective fabric softener that won’t coat your clothes in chemicals, it’ll also help to clean out the gunk & increase the life of your machine.
    YOUR HOME & GARDEN GUARDIAN - Whether it’s taking care of garden weeds in a kind, safe way, descaling your kettle, or removing those tough stains from your carpet, you’ll start to wonder if there’s anything your white vinegar can’t do!
    LONG LASTING 5 LITRE BOTTLES - It’s unbeatable value. Whether for business or home use, keep our Red Rickshaw White Vinegar around and you’ll be set for years
    ALL-NATURAL - our environmentally friendly vinegar is a natural cleaning product that won’t leave any chemical odours or nasty residue. Vinegar is the original & best cleaning product— why mess with a classic?

This product is not available to be shipped internationally.