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Round Dudhi

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Round Dudhi is another term for a bottle gourd. It belongs to the gourd family and it is a running or a climbing vine. Its fruit is harvested young and used as a vegetable although it is a fruit. It has light green smooth skin and white inner flesh. It goes by different names, too. The round ones are called the Calabash gourd while the slender long fruits are called the Bottle gourds.

It is a fast-growing vine that requires adequate sunlight for its flowering and fruiting. More so, it can be grown in a wide range of soils and needs trellis support for it to spread. Its intensely branched stems even bear musky, deep green, and broad leaves that’s similar to that of a pumpkin.

This fruit that goes by different names has a lot of health benefits. Aside from that, it has a cooling effect on the body. It is also beneficial for the heart and it even helps with reducing sleeping disorders. It varies in shapes, too. It is huge and round, small and bottle shaped, or slim and serpentine. They can also grow to be over a metre long. 

Among the other health benefits of round dudhi, here are the general ones:

Reduce stress. Eating round dudhi can help in reducing stress. Its water content has a cooling impact on the body. And aside from this, it also has various sedative properties which relax the body.

Benefits the heart.  Round dudhi is also extremely beneficial for the heart. Drinking its juice at least thrice every week will help you in maintaining a healthy heart and will also help in keeping a check on one’s blood pressure.

Helps in weight loss. For those who are on diet and those who are on their weight loss journey, drinking the juice of round dudhi is proven to be very useful. It is filled with iron, vitamins, and potassium. Hence, having a round dudhi juice every day will help in reducing one’s weight.

Helps in treating sleeping disorders. Among the other aforementioned benefits of round dudhi, it also helps in treating sleep disorders. So, to those who have trouble sleeping, and even to those who have insomnia, round dudhi is proven to be of help. Ideally, the round dudhi juice is mixed with some sesame oil and drank. That then will help one sleep better.

Prevents premature greying of hair.  Owing to pollution, premature greying of hair has emerged as a nagging problem across the globe. Drinking a glass of round dudhi juice every day can help in retaining the colour and the texture of one’s hair.

Helps indigestion. The humble round dudhi also helps indigestion. It is rich in fibre and alkali content. Hence, it helps in treating acidity in the body. So, to those who have gastrointestinal disorders, round dudhi is of great benefit.

Benefits the skin. Round dudhi juice also acts as a natural cleanser. Hence, it helps in removing the toxicity from the body.