Sapota (Cheeko) 250g
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Sapota (Cheeko) 250g


Where has this been all my life?!” you may quite possibly exclaim when tasting this fruit for the first time. Deriving its name from the tropical evergreen tree which bears this fruit, Sapota is also known as chikoo, chiku, sapeta, caramel fruit, naseberry and cappotta and is grown throughout India. 


Taste wise, think sweet (caramel like), malty— slightly peach like. You may find it hard to imagine these flavours so you’ll just have to try one! 


Chikoo are best eaten soft and ripened, just cut them down the middle and scoop out the juicy flesh on the inside. 


  • Sapota (Cheeko) 250g
  • Did we mention this sweet delight also comes bursting with vitamins A, E and C

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