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Shana Valpapdi 400g

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Shana Valpapdi 400g Description

These frozen SHANA Valpapdi come to you farm fresh. Selected , trimmed and split with great care , they are freshly frozen within hours of being picked to retain the nutritional goodness , taste and tenderness that you demand for your family.

Ready Split: SHANA Valpapdi are carefully hand-picked from farms which maintain the highest quality. The prime valpapdi are then washed, trimmed, split and quickly, frozen to ensure that the tenderness, taste and all nutritional goodness is retained. Conveniently split SHANA Valpapdi reach your home farm fresh, ready to be cooked within minutes. DelectableSHANA VAlpapdi may be prepared as you have always enjoyed, or try our recipe below as an alternative. For best results cook from frozen.

Recipe SHANA VAlpapdi Sabzi:

Ingredients:Shana valpapdi, Oil, Sesame seeds oil, Mustard seeds, Red pepper, Ginger, Green chillies finely chopped , Light soya sauce.

Method:Take oil in a wok over hight heat, add ginger and fry for 30 sec.Add SHANA Valpapdi and chopped chillies, Cook for 2 min.Add red pepper , soya sauce, season with salt and continue for 2 min.

Sprinkle with Sesame seed oil and serve immediatly. Ideal accompaniment for this dish is fried rice.

Storage Instructions: Keep frozen-18'c, Do not refreeze once thawed.

Nutritional Information

Energy 196kcal/472kj
Protein 3.8g
Fat 0.7g

Manufacture Information:
Product of India

This product is not available to be shipped internationally.