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Sushi Making Kit

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It has never been easier to make sushi! Learn how to roll like a professional itamae with Red Rickshaw's Sushi Making Kit.

This set is a perfect gift for seasoned foodies or novice chefs alike, providing all the equipment and ingredients you need to get your sushi skills rolling! Accompanied by a sushi mat and paddle, our Sushi Making Kit is packed with hard-to-find ingredients such as toasted seaweed sheets and miso. Explore new cuisines with confidence through Red Rickshaw.

This set includes:

Mat & Paddle

Nori Toasted Seaweed Sheet

Sushi Rice

Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce

Rice wine vinegar

Wasabi paste

Miso sachets

Pickled Ginger sachets

All gifts comes in our exclusive Red Rickshaw drawstring bags.

Note: If a product in this bundle is not available at the time of purchase we will substitute it with another product.