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Taj Family Pack Chappati (20 Pieces)

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Chappatis require a lot of time during preparation. Luckily, the Taj chappati is ready to cook. Simply heat a pan, cook and enjoy this delicious meal with the desired stew. Additionally, no artificial preservatives have been used as ingredients. 

A pack of this product comprises twenty pieces of ready to cook chapatis. The proper packaging guarantees safety between production and delivery. 

How to cook

  1. Heat cooking pan. 
  2. Place one chapati on top of the pan.
  3. Sprinkle cooking oil or ghee when brown patches appear on one side of the chapatti.
  4. Afterwards, turn to the other side.
  5. Also, sprinkle ghee or cooking oil when brown patches appear.
  6. Remove from the pan and repeat the same instructions for the remaining pieces.


  • Rice flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Palm oil
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Ragi flour
  • Margarine

The health benefits of Taj Chappati 

Any chappati recipe is nutrients, thanks to the ingredients used. Hence, individuals should regularly order this chappati from red rickshaw. Below are some ingredients used in this product and associate health benefits:

Rice flour 

  1. Rice flour contains choline, which helps transport nutrients to different parts of the body. Choline also transports both triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver. This can improve the liver’s health.
  2. Rice flour is gluten-free. Thus, individuals allergic to gluten can comfortably enjoy Taj Chappati.
  3. This ingredient contains the right protein levels that can increase an individual’s muscle mass. Protein is also used in the formation of new body cells.
  4. Rice flour contains fibre, which helps keep normal blood sugar levels. This occurs by limiting the sugar levels entering the bloodstream.

Palm Oil

  1. The palm oil used in Taj Chappati contains tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E. This nutrient boosts an individual’s brain health. Additionally, tocotrienols help treat some brain’s conditions such as dementia.
  2. Vitamin A in this ingredient improves an individual's vision. Consequently, this vitamin boosts the immune system in fighting off foreign bodies that cause different ailments.
  3. Palm oil helps lower bad cholesterol levels which trigger heart complications. That’s not all; studies have revealed this oil can slow down the progression of any heart condition.
  4. This chappati ingredient helps fight free radicals which can damage the body cells, chronic conditions, inflammation or even oxidative stress.
  5. Palm oil improves the skin’s health by fighting off acne and moisturizing dry skin. 

Whole wheat

  1. The high iron levels in whole wheat prevent anaemia from developing. Anaemia is characterized by general body weakness.
  2. Vitamin B9 helps in the maintenance and the production of new body cells. Red blood cells are one of the cells this nutrient produces and maintains.
  3. Zinc levels in whole wheat repairs damaged skin. That’s not all; this mineral slows down the ageing process.
  4. Phosphorus and calcium levels in this ingredient promote the development of strong bones. This reduces the chances of developing the bone ailment. 
  5. Magnesium improves insulin response, helping diabetic individuals easily control blood sugar levels.

Visit Red Rickshaw and purchase Taj Chappati for an easy time preparing this meal.