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TRS Urad Dal 1 Kg

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What is urad dal? Should I buy it? Is it worth buying? The only answer to all these questions is “YES”. The creamy-white and intensely flavoured urad dal enhance taste and promote several health benefits when consumed. 

Urad dal, also known as split black lentils or black gram dal? It’s one of the most popular Southern Asian lentils promoting colossal benefits. Due to the intense flavour, people use urad dal in several cuisines. If you are an Indian food lover, then TRS Urad Dal should be on your shopping list. 

TRS Urad Dal is unpolished. Hence, it retains all-natural vitamins and minerals. Unlike several other products, the branded TRS Urad Dal is free from chemicals and grown completely using organic fertilizer and pesticides. We take care of everything right from growing pulses to shipping to delivering at your doorstep.

Note: Make sure you store the split black lentils in the airtight container and place them in a cool, dry place to prevent insects and moulds.

The healthy split black lentils or urad dal is perfect for preparing salads, soups, or cuisines. 

Urad Dal Features & Health Benefits

Colour: Creamy White 

Flavour: Earthy 

Texture: Mucous 

Quantity: 1 Kg 

Urad Dal is rich in proteins and Vitamin B. As TRS Urad Dal is organic free from chemicals, it’s highly beneficial for normal and pregnant women. The split black lentils consist of iron, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. 

Especially if you are in your early-late 30s or early 40s, do not miss out on this superfood. 

  • Urad dal has a rich fibre content that aids indigestion. It prevents constipation and promotes healthier stools. It prevents colic disorders and piles even. 
  • The magnesium and potassium levels in the urad dal fight against heart diseases and reduce arterial wall damage. 
  • The iron-rich urad dal recipes keep your active day and night. Boosts energy and increases red blood cell’s production. 
  • The calcium mineral in the dal strengthens bones and teeth even in your late 40s or 50s. 
  • Urad dal paste relieves inflammation and swelling. Controls diabetes and promotes a robust nervous system. 
  • Urad dal nourishes the skin and promotes healthier hair growth. 

Taking urad dal in limited quantity has numerous health benefits. If you are a fitness lover and a foodie too, then TRS Urad Dal is your companion. 

Urad Dal Recipe 

Here is a simple and spicy urad dal recipe for weekend dinners. Enjoy its unique taste to make your weekend more joyous. 


  • TRS urad dal 
  • Turmeric 
  • Cayenne 
  • Garlic 
  • Ginger
  • Tomatoes
  • Dry fenugreek leaves 
  • Cilantro 
  • Salt 


  • Take a pressure cooker. Add all ingredients at one go, as mentioned above, along with the TRS urad dal. 
  • Now cook it in a pressure cooker until it becomes soft and plump. 
  • If you don’t want to eat spicy urad dal, then add a small teaspoon of sugar to balance the spiciness. 

That’s it. Then, cook for 20 to 30 minutes on a low flame. The lip-smacking spicy urad dal is ready.