21 Ingredients You Must Try With Mango

Mangoes are far too magnificent to enjoy solely for dessert.

As far as we’re concerned, as soon as mango season starts there’s no shame in squeezing a bit of tropical sweetness into every meal and every snack of the day. You’ve got to make the most of the short season!

We’ve put together an extensive list of all the flavours that pair well with mango. Take a look at some of the recipe ideas and let them inspire you to be adventurous and use your favourite tropical treat in sweet dishes, savoury dishes, and everything in between!

The best mango recipes highlight all the luscious qualities of the fruit. Think creamy mango drinks, piquant mango salsa, sweet mango chutneys, refreshing mango salads, smoky grilled mango, juicy mango dressings and indulgent mango cakes. The list goes on and on!

Scroll down for a lip-puckeringly delicious lime, mango and chilli salad dressing recipe.

Sweet Treats

We’ll start with the obvious combinations, the sweet stuff! Obviously mangoes are sweet enough on their own, but if you’re in the mood to try something a bit different, have a go at playing with some of these ingredients.

Top pick: Cardamom!

The sweet honey-like flavors of mango are enhanced by cardamom’s gingery nutmeg base and floral finish.

  1. Cinnamon - mango lassi with cardamom and cinnamon, mango chilli cinnamon jam
  2. Coconut - mango and coconut sticky rice, mango and coconut barfi, mango and coconut      ice cream or milkshake
  3. Cardamom - coconut and cardamom cheesecake, mango kulfi
  4. Rose - Kesar mango and rose truffles, mango rose cake
  5. Peach - grilled peach and grilled mango pancakes, peach and mango smoothie
  6. Mintfresh mint and mango mojito 

sour Bites

Unripe mangoes taste delightfuly tart and crisp, perfect for salads and pickles. Ripe mangoes have a lucious silky smooth consistency and tropical, heavenly nectar-like flavour. Pair your ripe mangoes with some of these sour ingredients for a killer combination.

Top pick: Lime!

Lip-puckering, tangy and refreshing, lime cuts up the intense sweetness of mangoes.

  1. Lime - Lime, mango and coriander salad dressing alphonso mango, lime and pistachio cheesecake, mango and lime frozen yogurt, coconut cake with mango curd and lime buttercream, mango curry mayonnaise with rosemary and lime, mango and lime tarts
  2. Pineapple - pineapple and mango mascarpone dessert, tropical chia pudding, mango and pineapple gallet with limed caramel sauce
  3. Kimchi - if you’ve got any unripe mangoes, these taste great diced up and smothered in gochujang with ginger, spring onions and a dash of fish sauce
  4. Balsamic vinegar- balsamic grilled mango
  5. Kefir - mango kefir smoothie/ lassi.
  6. Tamarind - Paneer and mango salad with tamarind and shallots

Try this recipe! 

Mango, lime and chilli dressing


1 mango

1 lime

1 large handful of coriander leaves

¼ tsp cumin

½ tbsp of jalapenos

1 garlic clove

200ml olive oil


Blend everything together until smooth, then drizzle over salads, fish or meat.


Create some mango magic with some of these savoury ingredients. It was hard to choose a favourite, so we’ve narrowed it down to two.

Top pick 1: Chilli! The heat of chilli contrasts beautifully with the natural sweetness of mango

Top pick 2: Cumin! Mangoes tropical sweetness pairs harmoniously with cumin's smoky flavours. Cumin also provides a little zing with its zesty notes.

  1. Chilli - chilli and mango salsa
  2. Lemongrass - mango, lemongrass and chilli curry
  3. Cucumber - mango and cucumber raita
  4. Garam masala - mango curry
  5. Cayenne - cayenne spiced fish with mango
  6. Chorizo - mango and chorizo taco
  7. Basil - Thai mango basil salad
  8. Coriander - coriander and mango chutney
  9. Spring onion - Thai mango, cucumber and spring onion salad