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Red Rickshaw, a female founded business supplies some of the most innovative kitchens in London and around Europe with ingredients. We supply wholesale to street food stalls, Michelin star restaurants, hotels, catering companies, dark kitchens - you name it, we do it! 

We offer next day delivery, a dedicated customer service team and competitive prices whilst not compromising on quality. 

Our portfolio encompasses: 

Rice, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Indian Vegetables, Dals and Pulses, Ground Spices, Pickles and Chutneys, Canned Products and sauces, cleaning products, take away containers, food colours and sweeteners, Frozen, Dairy and Ice Cream, Whole Spice, Flours, Oils and Ghees, Tea, Nuts and Raisins. 


We have thousands of products in our warehouse – if you want to procure anything get in touch and our expert procurement team will locate it for you. 

For wholesale enquiries please contact Rollo, our New Business Manager on 07414630571 or Alternatively please fill in our online form below and a member of our new business team will be in touch shortly.

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