• Fire Up Your BBQ!

    Make The Unusual Usual This Summer

    Fire Up Your BBQ!

    Make The Unusual Usual This Summer

    Welcome to Red Rickshaw

    Red Rickshaw empowers its customers to use hard-to-find ingredients from around the world with confidence. We specialise in seasonal, global produce so that you can craft authentic cuisines just like the locals.

    Jyoti Patel, our founder, started Red Rickshaw due to her own struggle finding good quality Indian ingredients in the UK. Realising how hard it was to source world groceries, while wanting to cook the meals she had been eating since childhood for her own family, Red Rickshaw was born.

    Our mission is to connect our customers to hard-to-find ingredients, bringing you a range of premium quality produce including fresh, exotic fruits and vegetables that taste the best on the market. From home cooks to Michelin starred restaurants, we are passionate about ensuring everyone has access to outstanding flavour and produce. Delivered to your door, it’s never been easier to find a huge range of world ingredients.