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WELCOME TO Red Rickshaw

Maybe you cook to remember, to recall lessons learned since childhood, aromas wafting in from the kitchen,
chopping and mixing and frying until you had all the family recipes by heart.

Maybe you cook to share, to enjoy the good times with your friends, to be there for someone in need,
to express your personality, to give others your strength and help them to thrive.

Maybe you cook to explore, to discover new possibilities, to marvel at the power of
even the simplest ingredients, always making sure to taste and adjust as you go.

Maybe you don’t cook at all— but you know someone who does,
whether they happen to be a human being, a microwave or your favourite snack brand.

Whoever you’re connected to, Red Rickshaw connects you to flavours from all over Asia and worldwide,
so you can enjoy the food you love, as well as the food you just haven't met yet.

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