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MDH Kasoori Methi Leaves 100g

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Kasoori methi is extracted from the mixture of dried fenugreek seeds(or methi seeds). In contrast to certain spices, to create such flavour, these leaves are dried for a lot of time. It has an inconspicuous aroma. 

These methi seeds rehydrate in fluids and sauces, growing and blooming with flavour. Numerous curries essentially aren't finished without their perplexing, modern aroma.

MDH's Peacock image kasoori methi, with its ageless logo and unmistakable boxed bundling, is loved by almost every Indian around the world.

Features And Health Benefits 

Intake of MDH Kasoori Methi Leaves ensure several health benefits:

  • It (dried leaves) has practically the very nourishing advantages as that of new leaves.
  • Kasoori methi has nice nutritional content and is a stock of iron. It has a low-calorie value that means you can add it to your daily eating habits.
  • It improves digestion and lessens the chances of gastrointestinal problems as these methi seeds contain antioxidants properties.
  • It has an extraordinarily substantial impact on blood lipid levels; after that, it assists in decreasing cholesterol in individuals experiencing diabetes and fends different heart issues off in people free of diabetes.
  • As the kasoori methi contains antioxidant rays, it helps prevent a lot of skin diseases and daily life problems like acne, sunburn, and pimples.
  • It helps in preventing respiratory problems. It heals a lot of allergies and cures congestion in the respiratory tract.

Recipe Suggestions 

Kasoori Methi is used as a substance that adds flavour to the food. It has a slightly bitter taste, but if it is added in a small amount, it will improve the flavour of the dish.

Kasoori Methi joins well with dull vegetables like carrots and potatoes. It is a fundamental piece of a famous Indian Sabzi known as Aloo Methi.

Kasoori methi is frequently pounded and is garnished over a lot of different vegetables and curries. It provides a pleasant aroma and adds taste to the food.

Kasoori methi is utilized in numerous Indian recipes; for example, kasoori methi is used in making methi naan and methi matar malai.

Kasoori Methi is likewise in adding flavour and smell to the sauce and a wide variety of foods.

How to cook

Hey, let's make aloo kasoori methi together with the help of MDH Kasoori Methi Leaves.

Ingredients -

  • Take 4 Potatoes 
  • Measure and keep ¼th cup of kasoori methi
  • Take one onion and chop it well.
  • Keep 1 tbsp of cumin seeds
  • Two dry red chillies
  • Have some red chilli powder as per your taste
  • 1 tbsp of dhania jeera powder
  • ½ tbsp of turmeric powder
  • Oil as per your choice
  • Salt as per your preference 


  1. Before beginning with the process, boil the potatoes, peel off their covers, and then cut them into square shapes.
  2. Take a big saucepan, heat some oil in it. And once it is hot, mix dried red chillies and cumin seeds.
  3. When the seeds start popping, the time comes to add some onion. Saute the onions till they turn a bit golden.
  4. Gather all the spices mentioned in the ingredient list, namely dhania jeera powder, turmeric powder, red chilli, kasoori methi and salt and mix them in our sauteed onions. Stir well to feel their enhanced taste when our Sabzi is ready.
  5. Now mix the potatoes and keep stirring our dish.
  6. Cook the potatoes till their shades turn to a golden brown.
  7. Now we are ready with our delicious Aloo kasoori Methi.