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Ginger 350g

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Ginger is one of the commonly used spices in Asian meals. The sweet aroma of this natural spice enhances the taste of meals. That’s not all; fresh ginger is readily available throughout the year. Therefore, individuals can comfortably prepare meals with this spice.

Ginger can be included in vegetable and fruit dishes. The nutritional levels of this spice are constant throughout, whether raw or in recipes. Reach out to Red Rickshaw and get ginger on-time delivery. Ginger can also stay fresh for a long period. 

The uses of ginger 

The taste of ginger can blend with different meals. This is the reason the spice is included in drinks, meal recipes and desserts. 

The health benefits of ginger 

Are you wondering what are the health benefits of ginger before purchasing and consuming it? Below are the top health benefits linked with this spice:

  1. This spice is known to lower the harmful cholesterol levels in the body. Bad cholesterol is linked to heart complications or even stroke. Continuous usage of ginger improves the overall performance of the heart.
  2. For a long time, ginger has been included in water or tea to reduce flu and cold symptoms. This keeps the body warm and helps restore normal body temperature.
  3. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can block the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Also, the anti-inflammatory property of this spice helps fight off viruses and different infections. 
  4. Consumption of ginger on an empty stomach relieves different indigestion problems. 
  5. This natural spice protects the liver from harmful chemicals that scar or damage. 
  6. Ginger improves the health of the skin in three different ways. This spice makes the skin glow, improves skin toning and reduces the aging process.
  7. Regular consumption of ginger controls dandruff and reduces hair fall.  

Recipe Suggestion 

Indian Ginger Chicken 


  • Ginger paste
  • Boneless chicken
  • Cooking oil
  • Chilli powder
  • Green chilli paste
  • Onion
  • Grounded coriander
  • Grounded cumin
  • Red chilli powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Yoghurt
  • Tomatoes
  • Fresh coriander
  • Butter
  • Lemon

Preparation method 

  1. Marinate the boneless chicken with chilli powder, ginger paste and salt in a bowl for roughly fifteen minutes.
  2. Place onion in a pan with oil and cook. Ensure the onion turns brown. 
  3. Afterwards, add all spices at once and cook for three minutes while stirring.
  4. Add tomato and cook for another seven minutes under high heat. 
  5. Pour some yoghurt in the pan and also add the marinated chicken. Cook for fifteen minutes and add butter.
  6. Garnish the chicken with fresh coriander, lemon and ginger once the meal is ready. 

Indian Ginger potatoes


  • Ginger
  • Sliced potatoes
  • Cooking oil
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Jalapeno pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Garlic 
  • Cayenne pepper

How to cook

  1. Add sliced potatoes in a pan filled with water. Allow the potatoes to boil before draining the water.
  2. Place a pan with oil in heat and add ginger, jalapeno pepper and onion. Cook until the onion turns light brown.
  3. Add turmeric and stir for a few seconds. 
  4. Add cayenne pepper, garlic, salt, water and potatoes after two minutes. 
  5. Stir well and allow the meal to cook for six minutes. 
  6. Garnish with fresh cilantro before serving.

The above ginger recipes are simple and straightforward. Therefore, try any of the above recipes during your free time.