Find YOur ESSENTIAL Flavours For Christmas Day!

Christmas is just around the corner, and here at Red Rickshaw, we’re busy getting ready for the big day! Whether you’re looking to take a load off and make those tricky treats more simple, or perhaps looking to get more experimental in the kitchen this festive season, we have put together some handy essentials that you won’t want to miss!

Mulled Wine Essentials

If, like us, you don’t feel like the festive season is quite in full swing until you’ve had your first soul-warming glug of mulled wine, then look no further. Why not stir things up a little this year by making your own mulled wine, made by you, for you.  

Originating in Southern China, Cassia Bark is cinnamon’s cousin, it is delicately sweet but deeply aromatic – a key ingredient for all mulled wine. Also included in our Essentials and originating from southern China is Star Aniseed, this beautiful spice packs a serious punch combining liquorice and pepper to give a pungent flavour. Just one or two dried flowers should be enough to have your mulled wine singing with flavour. Lastly, but by no means least, our Mulled Wine Essentials comes with whole cloves; the dried flower bud from the clove tree, each fragrant clove will deepen the flavour of your mulled wine with a woody and spicy aroma that can’t be replicated.

Mince Pie Essentials

Like carol singing, putting up the Christmas tree and watching Love Actually, Mince Pies are a British Christmas staple. But did you know that the origins of the Christmas treat are traceable to the 13th century when Holy Crusaders returned home from the Middle East bringing with them spices and recipes? Originally representing a manger and topped with a depiction of baby Jesus the traditional mince pies were savoury and oblong-shaped. 

Our Mince Pie Essentials includes Natco’s Ground Nutmeg, Ground Cinnamon, Golden Raisins, Dried Dates and Almonds, after filling your pastries and putting them in the oven, your whole home will be smelling like Christmas in no time.


Ginger Powder

Ginger is one of the most popular spices in the world for a reason, coming with a host of health benefits; loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Ginger Powder will help keep the cold away throughout the winter.

Whether you’re making gingerbread men, stirring it in hot chai or putting it into your cooking Ginger Powder helps prevent stress and lowers your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, and has antibacterial qualities that will ensure you’re at your best this Christmas.

Cheeseboard Essentials

What’s the best part of Christmas? Is it the big meal? The presents? Well, here at Red Rickshaw we think it's the Cheeseboard! Just when everyone thinks they’ve had enough and the table is cleared, out it comes! The traditional cheeseboard truly is the pinnacle of festive feasting. 

Ensure you can liven up the party again with Mr Todiwala’s Minted Mango and Ginger Relish, Lovepickle’s Premium Chilli Tomato Pickle or Ferns Sweet Mango Chutney. Originating in India and dating back to 500BC, chutney was originally created as a way to preserve fruits and vegetables with herbs and spices, however, these three were chosen for their ability to cut through almost any Christmas day fatigue due to their big flavour. Make sure your cheese board doesn’t disappoint. 

You can buy all of these Christmas flavours and more on the Christmas Gifts section of our website! We’ve curated cookbooks, cooking kits and spice sets that are perfect for those hard to buy for people in your life. And if it isn’t presents that you’re after, Red Rickshaw has ingredients from around the world to help festivities run smoothly this Christmas season; from treats and drinks to our flavour bazaar, we’ve got all the items you’ll ever need to make sure this Christmas season is bigger and better than ever!