How To Cut A Mango!

How To Cut A Mango!

How To Cut A Mango

With Indian mango season lasting for just a few short months, every mouthful of your smooth mango needs to be cherished. So whether you’re enjoying an Alphonso, Kesar or Badami, we’re here to ensure you know how to get the most out of your mango and to make sure none of the golden goodness goes to waste! 

Indian mangoes are famed for their sweet taste, their strong scent and how they are devoid of any tough fibre. The crown jewel of Indian mangoes, the Alphonso mango, is grown in the Maharashtra region of west India, and are especially prized due to their flavour profile - born out of their growing conditions. Grown on the west coast of India close to the Arabian sea, Alphonso mangoes develop a unique taste due to the acidity of the soil combined with the salty sea breeze. Similarly, Gir Kesar mangoes are geographically protected and can only be grown in Gujarat, where the soil acidity of the arid foothills and specific climate conditions of the region impact the flavour profile of the fruit. 

When fruits are given this much care and affection during the growing season, it is only right to get the very best out of your Indian mangoes during the eating season!

What Is The Best Way To Cut Your Mango?

Often people are put off from buying mangoes due to the large seed and previously struggling to get any worthwhile fruit from the mango. Mangoes have one large flat seed in the centre of the fruit. The best way to remove the fruit from the seed is to slice down the side of the seed, cutting down from just off the centre of the top of the fruit.  With Indian mangoes the seed is commonly far thinner than regular store-bought mangoes, this means it is far easier to slice down the side of the seed and leave yourself a healthy mango cheek.

find out THE four EASY STEPS to cut a mango


The easiest way to cut a mango:

1. Clean Your Mango

Just like any other fruit or vegetable, you should always wash it before eating it — even if you’re not eating the skin, these mangoes are so vibrant and moreish it’s easy to find yourself sucking the flesh from the skin!

2. Find The Mango Seam

You want to cut off the cheeks of the mango, either side of the seed. With the stem of the fruit at the top, you can find the seam travelling down the fruit. Leave about half a centimetre on either side of this and slice around the seed going in the same direction as the seam. 

3. Slice! 

With the flesh side up, score your mango cheeks as if it were a game of noughts and crosses. Your knife will glide through the Indian mango - just like butter, so make sure not to break the skin. Then push the skin inwards towards you to pop the fresh scored squares of mango out.   

4. Enjoy! 

Once you’ve popped your mango cheek so that the squares are exposed, all that’s left to do is take a bite!



Quickly Peel Your mANGO

First, follow step one and two from the above list. Wash the mango, then find the stem and slice the mango cheeks either side of the seed.

1. Grab a glass 

 Find a glass with a narrow rim. A regular drinking glass should do!

2. Slide down the rim 

Place the narrow end of the mango cheek at the rim of the glass and gently slide the mango cheek into the glass, separating the flesh from the skin as you go.

3. Slice & enjoy! 

Now slice or dice the mango, however you prefer!

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