International Dining Week!

International Dining Week!

It’s International Dining Week!

This is a chance to celebrate the standard and diversity of international cuisines! We’ve listed some delicious international dishes to help commemorate this special week!

Thai Tom Yum Soup

Celebrate Thai cuisine with this Thai classic, a sought after restaurant favorite. The name is indicative of the 'boiling' process and the 'sourness' from the spices and fresh herbs used. This easy recipe uses the ready made Tom Yum paste which includes all the necessary tang.

Indian Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice

Tikka Masala is generally considered to be the nation’s favourite curry, perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate Indian cuisine whilst remaining in their comfort zone. This simple, thirty-minute recipe is an infusion of green chilli puree, tomato puree, onion puree and our special aromatic spice blend.  

Korean Potato Salad

No one does potato salads like the Koreans. Their version of the potato salad is a velvety mixture of potatoes, the crunch of different vegetables, and some sweetness coming from raisins and honey. It makes the ideal side dish for International Dining Week!

West African Pilli Pilli Chicken Wings with Roasted Butternut

This spicy dish is inspired by both West African and Indian flavours. The Pilli Pilli marinade is created from crushed pepper and a smoky marinade. If you can handle the heat, this dish allows you to celebrate two distinct cuisines in one! As you can have every ingredient delivered pre-measured, it couldn’t be much easier to make!

Chinese Walnut Cookies

Every great main course must be followed by a great dessert and these Chinese cookies couldn’t be much tastier! With lots of crunch and bursting with a sweet walnut flavour, these cookies are the perfect way to pay homage to Chinese cuisine and complete your International Dining Week dish!

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