Indian Mango Season has begun! This means the sweetest, juiciest mangoes are now available from our online Mango Shop!

You may be wondering what to do with all these mangoes, or how to incorporate them into everyday recipes, so here are some of our favourite mango drinks and dishes!

Mango Mint Lassi

When it comes to an Indian drink, there aren't many that could beat the likes of Lassi. With the addition of mangoes, this traditional yogurt beverage is sweeter and more fulfilling than ever! The mango flavour blends beautifully with the mint and Indian sweet spices, creating the ideal smooth and exciting drink to keep you cool in hot weather. You need to try this drink to experience the bliss it brings to your taste buds.

Aam Shrikhand

Originating from Gujarat, Aam Shirkhand is a traditional Indian dessert. In Hindi and Urdu, the word ‘aam’ means mango, so it’s no surprise that mango puree is a huge part of this tasty dish. Aam Shirkhand is a rich, sweet and creamy delight, lightly fragranced with saffron and cardamom. Anyone looking for a healthy treat after dinner, this is for you!  

Mango Syrup (Nam Ma Muang)

Thai cuisine offers some of the most exotic drinks. Their Mango Syrup, or Nam Ma Muang, is one such example. The refreshing taste of this chilled drink will light up your taste buds. Made up of mango, mint and lemon, it also offers a load of nutrients and very few calories to help keep your body healthy.

Mango and Sticky Coconut Rice

If you love fruity desserts, this recipe is a showstopper! Blessed with the natural flavours of sweet mango and the indulgent texture of rice soaked in coconut milk, this dessert has a very comforting touch to it. The flavours do not only blend perfectly, but melt in the mouth. Mango and sticky coconut rice is also served for breakfast in authentic Thai cuisine.

ACV Drink Spiked with Indian Mango

If the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar bothers you, but you still want to enjoy its numerous health benefits, then the solution is simple: add a delicious fruit to mask the taste! Mango has a well-rounded sweetness which can give a completely new twist to Apple Cider Vinegar infusions. The green tea serves as a healthy base, creating the perfect drink for after meals and whenever sweet cravings are at their highest!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how to incorporate this incredible fruit into your diet! Mango season only comes around once a year, so be sure to make the most of it!