It's National Curry Week!

If there’s anything British people love as much as tea, it’s curry! The 23rd National Curry Week runs from the 4th to the 10th of October 2021. It’s been a challenging year for all of us, but for one week only let’s talk about Britain’s love affair with curry instead of coronavirus! Whether you’re heading out to your local curry house or cheffing up a spread at home, we want you to experience all things curry.

History of National Curry Week

Since the 1970s curry houses have become staples on high streets with millions of curries being consumed weekly. It’s so popular that it contributes more than £5bn to the British economy so it’s no surprise that in 2001, Britain’s foreign secretary Robin Cook referred to curry as the “true British national dish”. The very first National Curry Week took place in October 1998 and was founded by Peter Grove who was a journalist who had fallen in love with curry. His vision was to drive awareness and appreciation of the burgeoning Indian restaurant industry, whilst also raising money for charity.  

Curry Essentials

Most people have probably dabbled in the deliciousness of a taste bud tantalising paneer butter masala or a chicken korma, however, although curry originated in India, it has become a classic staple in various other cuisines across the world. Throughout history, emigrants and traders to other Asian countries and later to Europe, South Africa and the Caribbean have resulted in many variations of the saucy dish. The selection of spices for each curry is a matter of national, regional or cultural tradition, religious practice and local ingredients.

Whatever the cuisine, there are three main curry essentials to making any delicious curry! Whether you're cooking a Thai, Indian or Caribbean curry, no dish is complete without spices and flavours so be generous! While Indian curry is famous for its spice blend, garam masala, and Thai curry is known for its lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves, Caribbean curry is known for its scotch bonnet pepper and allspice. Next, decide what you want to add to your curry to soak up all the delicious flavours - will it be succulent meat, creamy paneer, smokey vegetables or buttery lentils? Lastly, decide what sauce will be the star of the show. A tomato or cream-based curry is usually the most popular, however, why not push the boat out a little bit and add coconut milk. Accompany your curry with fluffy rice, bouncy noodles or soft bread, and there you have it!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Try a new curry this National Curry Week and experience the culinary differences and rich history with every mouthful. You can purchase all your fresh, world ingredients and curry essentials here at Red Rickshaw and cook an authentic favourite, or show off your skills in the kitchen and attempt a curry you’ve not tried before. 

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