Mango & Pistachio Kulfi

Did someone call for a pick-me-up?

Tackling new recipes is a great way to relax and unwind. Especially when the project in question is making homemade mango and pistachio kulfi. Alphonso mangoes work the best for this, but as the season is finished now, you can substitute some of our delicious and seasonal Egyptian mangoes instead, they will taste just as delicious!

Enjoy this sinfully delicious and beautifully effortless recipe. Definitely one to get the kids involved with. 

TIME: 10 minutes


  • Mango Puree 1 cup (use fresh mango or tinned pulp)
  • Ground cardamom 1 tsp

  • Saffron threads ½ tsp

  • Pistachios 100g

  • Condensed milk 120ml 

  • Double Cream 460ml

  • Mango Puree 230ml 

  • Pinch of salt 


For fresh mango: 
1. Wash and peel the mangoes, then to blend to a smooth consistency 

2. Add the cardamom powder, saffron, condensed milk, cream and a pinch of salt

3. Blend for 2-3 minutes until smooth

4. Use a small drop of oil to grease the kulfi/ice cream moulds, then pour the kulf 
mix into the moulds and slide in the ice cream sticks

5. Freeze for 8 hours, or overnight if you can

6. When you’re ready to eat the kulfi, run the moulds under hot water for roughly so that the kulfi easily slides out

7. Enjoy! 

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