National Dim Sum Week!

National Dim Sum Week!

It’s National Dim Sum Week!

Celebrate by making your own!

Originating from China, Dim Sum are delicious bite-sized portions of food, served together with tea. Here’s how to make your own!

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

Dumplings are an ever popular Chinese snack served at Dim Sum time with unlimited Tea. Typically served in small steamer baskets, these vegetable dumplings are a particular favourite!  

Chrysanthemum Tea

Dim Sum isn’t complete without endless cups of tea, and chrysanthemum tea is the most popular variety. Unlimited tea during Dim Sum is actually called ‘yum cha’, meaning ‘drink tea’ in Cantonese.

Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a staple in many parts of Asia. With its deliciously gummy texture, it isn’t hard to see why it’s so special.It is popularly served at Dim Sum with Chinese sausage and spices, but you can pair it with anything!

Chinese Spring Rolls

Much like dumplings, spring rolls are a delicious and versatile bite-sized snack. Deep-fried, golden and crispy on the outside with a tasty, soft centre, these modern spring rolls are delicious, convenient and ideal for Dim Sum!

Sesame and Jaggery Chewy Balls

Dim Sum also includes dessert, and bite-sized sesame balls are particularly popular. They also provide and nutrients, so these sesame and jaggery chewy balls are perfect to have with your last drop of tea!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for a tasty and traditional National Dim Sum Week!

Happy Snacking!

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